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Fitchburg State University 2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
Fitchburg State University 2022-2023 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Computer Science, M.S.

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Graduate Program Chair

Brady Chen, PhD

Graduate Committee

Kevin Austin, PhD
Ricky Sethi, PhD
Natasha Kourtonina, PhD
Nadimpalli Mahadev, PhD

Program Objectives

The Master’s Degree Program in Computer Science provides the opportunity for graduate students to obtain competitive skills and knowledge to succeed as computer scientists in the constantly developing high-technology market place.

Program Description

The Master’s Degree Program in Computer Science is designed for students with the desire to:

  • Upgrade and enhance their existing knowledge and skills
  • Gain experience with new technologies
  • Prepare for advanced professional positions
  • Initiate new career paths

The program specializes in hardware, software, networking and state-of-the-art knowledge. Degree candidates have the opportunity to study a variety of topics such as object-oriented systems development, graphics, networks and database systems. Our program provides our students the opportunity to develop marketable technical skills for the quickly evolving information-based society.

Concentrations are designed for computer science graduates as well as for students and professionals from other disciplines. Our flexible program serves students of various backgrounds who are committed to broadening their education, earning advanced degrees and improving their careers.

Candidates select their courses of study to build on their knowledge, skills and interests. A close collaboration between students and the graduate faculty ensures that individual goals meet with department standards. A departmental graduate advisor is available to all students.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate proficiency in relevant aspects of mathematics.
  • Demonstrate proficiency with logic, algorithms and data structures.
  • Demonstrate proficiency with computer programming languages and different programming paradigms.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in software design and development methods.
  • Demonstrate the effective communication skills through the team collaboration.

Admissions Standards and Criteria

To apply for admission Into the M.S. In Computer Science Program, applicants must have an equivalent of 4-year bachelor’s degree. They must submit documentation as outlined by the graduate admissions section.

All the admitted students are required to take a placement test for programming languages. Depending on the test results, an applicant may be required to complete undergraduate and/or graduate prerequisites.

Program of Study

The program offers fundamental and advanced courses in computer science. Core courses provide firm theoretical foundation for further study. Most classes are offered in the evenings.

Students are allowed to take up an additional 3 credits of internship (for a total of 6 credits) to count towards the program of study unpon the approval of the department program advisor after they complete 3 credit hours in internship.

If the additional credit hours of internship are approved, students will earn a total of 36 credits.  Total credits for the program should not exceed 36.


Subtotal 18 cr.

Elective courses (Minimum of 15 S.H.)

Students can select elective courses at the 7000 and above level with advisor approval.

Total for Degree 33 cr. (Possible 36 if given permission for 3 additional internship credits)


*Internship may be repeated but a maximum of 3 credits will be counted towards the student’s program of study.
**Maximum of 6 credits is permitted for Independent Study
***Required for Optional Thesis; students must follow thesis procedures established by the department.

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