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Fitchburg State University 2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
Fitchburg State University 2022-2023 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Computer Science, M.S., Data Science Concentration

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Graduate Program Chair

Brady Chen, PhD

Graduate Committee

Kevin Austin, PhD
Ricky Sethi, PhD
Natasha Kourtonina, PhD
Nadimpalli Mahadev, PhD

Program Objectives

Data are everywhere. As companies and organizations go about their business and interact with individuals, they are generating a tremendous amount of digital data. Moreover more companies and organizations rely on these data for their routine business. This creates a high demand for professionals in data and business analytics and development with skills in database, data mining, machine learning, data analysis and visualizations, and probability and statistics.  
The data science concentration will provide an opportunity for the students in Computer Science who would like to pursue their career in data analysis. It will also open the door for those who are interested in working with data across a wide variety of disciplines such as business, education, medicine, finance, and many other fields. The Master’s Degree Program in Computer Science provides the opportunity for graduate students to obtain competitive skills and knowledge to succeed as computer scientists in the constantly developing high-technology market place.

Program Description

The Data Science concentration offers the opportunity for students pursuing the Master’s Degree Program in Computer Science (MSCS) to develop knowledge and skills in data analysis and visualization, database development, machine learning, and data mining. This concentration will  enhance competitiveness and technical knowledge, and prepares students for professional careers in the rapidly changing field of managing, mining, integrating, and analyzing big data across a wide array of areas such as business, medicine, bioinformatics, government, education, marketing, security, financial management, and many other fields.

Admissions Standards and Criteria

To apply for admission into the M.S. in Computer Science Program, Data Science Concentration, applicants must have an equivalent of 4-year bachelors degree. They must submit documentation as outlined in the graduate admissions section.

Depending on background, an applicant may be admitted into the graduate program and be required to complete undergraduate prerequisites as determined by the graduate program chair. Students are required to have sufficient background in both Probability and Statistics for Data Science and Database Design principles as foundational knowledge for this certificate program. This background will be gained by completion of the core courses.

Electives (Minimum of 3 credits)

Students in the Data Science concentration also choose one 3-credit elective. Please see elective options under the MS in Computer Science program. Students select elective courses with advisor approval.

Total for Degree, 33 credits (Possible 36 if approved for an additional 3 credits of internship)

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