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Fitchburg State University 2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
Fitchburg State University 2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

LPN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing Bridge Program, B.S.

Program Manager
Deborah Benes Linda McKay  Nicole Lajoie

The baccalaureate degree in nursing at Fitchburg State is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)

Program Description

The LPN to BS in Nursing Bridge Program is designed to transition the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) to the role of a baccalaureate prepared Registered Nurse.  Graduates of this program are prepared to meet societal healthcare needs in a variety of settings.  Legal, ethical and professional standards guide the student in the art and science of nursing. Respect for diversity, social responsibility, and a commitment to excellence in holistic nursing care are emphasized.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, the graduate will:

• Synthesize knowledge from the liberal arts, sciences, and nursing as a foundation for safe, client-centered care.
• Incorporate basic organizational and systems leadership to provide quality care and patient safety.
• Integrate evidence-based practice including current research and critical thinking in the management of client care.
• Analyze information using information technology to improve patient outcomes.
• Examine the impact of health care policy, finance, and regulatory environments on nursing practice.
• Integrate principles of communication in professional practice.
• Synthesize knowledge of health promotion and disease/injury prevention in designing population focused care.
• Integrate professional standards of moral, ethical and legal conduct into nursing practice.

Admissions Requirements

•    Current LPN license in good standing.
•    Graduate of an accredited LPN Program with Cumulative Grade Point Average of ≥ 77/GPA ≥ 2.5.
•    Successful completion of three specified National League for Nursing-Nursing Acceleration Challenge Exams (NACE)I  PN-RN at determined decision scores.  Information regarding NLN Testing is available on the Department of Nursing LPN to BS in Nursing Webpage. 
•    Professional resume.
•    Two letters of recommendation; one from a current employer and one from LPN program faculty on professional letterhead.
•    Required essay to include professional nursing skills, personal interests and career goals in nursing.
•    Math Readiness Requirement: 

  1. Achieve a passing score on the math placement test appropriate for your major.
  2. Receive university level transfer credit for Calculus I or higher.
  3. Pass Basic Math II at Fitchburg State University.
  4. For transfer students who enter Fitchburg State University in Fall 2017 or later, it suffices to have passed the Elementary Algebra Accuplacer placement test or a course equivalent to Basic Math II at a regionally accredited institution of higher education. 
  5. For transfer students who enter Fitchburg State in Fall 2017 or later, it suffices to have transferred in a college level mathematics course taken at a regionally accredited institution of higher education.

•    Applicants must also complete all Fitchburg State University Admission Criteria – view the Transfer Application Checklist (PDF) for details.

Program of Study

Liberal Arts and Science Credits

In order to obtain a BS in Nursing from Fitchburg State University, students are required to take 120 credits. A total of 58 Liberal Arts & Science credits must be fulfilled as part of the LPN to BS in Nursing program.


Five courses; a minimum of 15 credits. One of these courses must have a global diversity non-western (GDAN) designation.


Three courses; a minimum of 9 credits. Introduction to Sociology fulfills the Global Diversity Western (GDC) designation.

Free Electives

Two courses; a minimum of 6 credits

Nursing Credits

A total of 62 nursing credits must be fulfilled as part of the LPN to BS in Nursing track. Licensed Practical Nurses are awarded 18 nursing credits through the successful completion of the National League for Nursing (NLN) Acceleration Challenge Exams (ACE) I. The examinations are given in the areas of Foundations of Nursing, Childbearing, and Care of the Child. Further information about scheduling the NLN ACE I examinations can be obtained by contacting Nicole Lajoie, LPN-BS/RN-BS Coordinator, 978-665-3251, or by email at


* Fulfills the requirement for Computer Literacy and Listening and Speaking

** Fulfills the Requirement for Jr/Sr Writing