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Fitchburg State University 2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
Fitchburg State University 2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Interdisciplinary Studies Major with a General Science Initial Teacher License (5-8)

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The General Science Concentration in Interdisciplinary Studies is designed for students wanting to teach middle school science. Students will be well prepared to pass the new General Science (5-8) Mtel and after completing this major, students will earn their initial teacher license. This degree gives students a strong grounding in the basic natural sciences, including physics, earth and geographic sciences, biology, and chemistry. Although designed for future teachers, graduates from this program could also pursue other careers in areas such as research, science writing or science policy.

Students must complete:
(GEOG 2000 /PHYS 2000 ) Astronomy
(GEOG 1000   Earth Systems Science
(GEOG 2100 ) Geology
(BIOL 1800 ) General Biology I
(BIOL 1900 ) General Biology II
(BIOL 2300  ) Ecology
(PHYS 1100 ) Physical Sciences
(CHEM 1300 )General Chemistry I
( ) General Chemistry II
9 additional credits in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Engineering Technology, or Earth and Geographic Sciences at 2000 level or higher

Students must complete a minor in Middle School and Secondary Education which includes 18 credits. When completing this minor, students must complete the following specific courses:
 –Introduction to Education (5-12)
  Methods in Teaching General Science (5-8) I
 Methods in Teaching General Science (5-8) II
 Teaching the Adolescent Learner
 Diversity in Education
 Inclusive Instruction (5-12)

IDIS Major Core Requirements

Students must take IDIS Major Core Course Requirements (9 credits).  (Critical and Creative Thinking, along with two three-credit IDIS Electives. Students may count double-count one science class as both an IDIS elective and an advanced science elective. Choose any two of the following interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary courses:

Additional Requirements

Additionally, to be eligible for initial licensure and to complete this concentration, students must complete: : Practicum Seminar (5-12), : Practicum I General Science (5-8),  Practicum II General Science (5-8),  Sheltered English Immersion. As part of the completion of this program, students must go through two review processes (Stage I and Stage II) and meet the requirements before continuing on in the concentration. If the student is unable to meet the requirements of either review, then they will be removed from the concentration. They may stay in the IDIS major and work with an advisor to complete their requirements, and students will be able to complete the Middle School and Secondary Education minor, but they will not be eligible to complete the General Science (5-8) Initial Teacher License concentration.

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