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Fitchburg State University 2013-14 Undergraduate Catalog 
Fitchburg State University 2013-14 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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GAME 3030 - Game Level Design

3 cr. 3 hr. Offered once per Semester.

In this course, students will learn concepts, tools, and techniques to design and build playable game levels or environments for a series of “off the shelf” games, both pen and paper and digital. The ability to modify games is crucial to the development of a game designer, and level design remains a core competency for aspiring professionals. Over the course of the semester, students will develop crucial perspectives on iteration, challenge, spatial and temporal dynamics, environmental and architectural design, and gameplay balance, while building the requisite technical and aesthetic competencies involved in developing with an industry-standard 3D game engine, including modeling & construction, placement and editing of objects and textures, lighting design, animation and scripting.

Note: May take concurrently with GAME 3000 . Prerequisite(s): GAME 2000 , GAME 2200 

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